Facts 2 Know

Aristo's staffing and management solutions allow our clients to optimize their emergency department operations and achieve high levels of performance.  In addition, over the past 15 years Aristo has successfully specialized in Emergency Department pro-fee medical billing and revenue management.


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Our Mission

Aristo's mission is to provide the best possible service to our customers.  We conduct each aspect of our business with the standards of mercy, justice, and humility continually at the the forefront of our mind.

We Promise

We promise 100% reliability on projected savings and improved operations. 

We Deliver

We deliver an extra $2 for every $5 you are already getting per patient chart

We Exceed

We have 150+ years of combined management, staffing and billing services.

At Aristo, we actively engage all leadership in  a methodology to eliminate errors and constantly improve processes. Our ongoing staff training is part of this process, as we strive to gain more knowledge, speed and accuracy.

Top 10 Things To Know

Aristo Promise

  • 1
    Emergency Experience: 15+ years experience working with emergency departments across the southeast to optimize operations and provide staffing, management, and revenue cycle management.
  • 2
    Deliver Scorecards:  Monthly reports on emergency department benchmarks like patient throughput, patient satisfaction, physician performance, and collections.
  • 3
    Completely Electronic: Speed and quality of Billing in 2 days; Payment in 2 days.
  • 4
    Provide Audits: Independent audits performed in coding, payment, and follow up.
  • 5
    Increase CPC: For every $5 you receive now, Aristo helps you collect $2 more per chart (37% av. increase).
  • 6
    Local Community Service: Excellence in patient care and patient service for your community.
  • 7
    Ensure Provider Enrollment: Every doctor is credentialed with appropriate carrier for payment.
  • 8
    Make Accurate Predictions: 100% of the Savings Quotes made for hospitals have been accurate (typically $15-$35 more per chart).
  • 9
    Physician Leadership: Provide quality physician and nursing leadership and an improved patient experience. 
  • 10
    Train and Retrain: Feedback given on charge documentation for proper coding level.

The Truth

We always tell empirical truth in numbers and facts.

The truth is in the numbers and supported by client testimonials.

100% of the price quotes we’ve made to date have proven accurate once implemented.
Monthly reports against regional and national benchmarks measure performance so you know exactly where you stand.

Ready to hear the truth about how your emergency department is operating?

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Our Services

Aristo's optimization services impact all areas of your operations.  Our goal is to exceed your expectations.


  • Emergency Dept Consulting:  Provide in-depth assessments of your current operations and identify areas we can improve performance.
  • Physician Management: Helping you manage your physician workforce.
  • Physician Staffing: Provide an outstanding team of emergency medicine physicians.
  • Medical Coding & Billing: Ensuring all charges supported by the chart are accurately billed.
  • Patient Education: Call center services relieve hospital staff of some customer service traffic.
  • National & Regional Benchmarks: Managing emergency department operations against established benchmarks in the areas of patient triage, patient throughput, total length of stay, and the quality of physician interactions.
  • Dashboard & Standard Reporting: Providing chart analyzing services by our experts to maximize reimbursement.
  • Maximize Revenue: Offering methods to reduce days in A/R and increase confidence in documentation.
  • Collection Agency assistance: Managing collections and handling rejections after claims are filed.
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